Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jamais Cascio's Futures Meme

Jamais Cascio writes, at Open The Future,
# What do you fear we'll likely see in fifteen years?
# What do you hope we'll likely see in fifteen years?
# What do you think you'll be doing in fifteen years?
Fear: Cascio's early climate tipping point plus peak oil really throws the economy into a stagflationary cycle, just like in the 1970s.

Economic hardship will make us think up really clever ways to conserve and do more with less energy. Also, I'll enjoy nifty gadgets that will make an iPhone look about as advanced as the original Walkman looks today.

I'll likely be programming itty bitty networked devices, in a language far more polished and intuitive and fun than Ruby on Rails. Also, instead of wrangling toddlers and babies, I'll be wrangling teenagers.

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At 11:23 AM, Blogger gordon said...

Fear: In a self-fulfilling prophecy the US will find itself constantly embroiled in using the military to solve security problems.

Hope: That the US will be like one big Amsterdam :)

Doing: With a lot of luck I'd like to be accepting a MacArthur grant :)


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